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Lady~A's Vampire Social Club

ABOUT is owned and operated by Chad and Alex Savage, and is devoted to any and all things of interest to Chicago-area vampire fans, enthusiasts, and those who consider themselves vampires. This includes, but is not limited to: Role players, lifestylers, vampy goths, Persons In Black, fans of vampire books/movies/music, serious scholars and academics, fans of specific authors or artists – you name it. is an ever-evolving site and is open to suggestions for content. We want the site to be useful to fans and fangs alike. If you’d like to contribute, please contact to discuss your ideas.

Shortly after graduating high school in 1986, several things happened to Chad Savage that made him a lifelong vampire fan. He was able to visit a cave-like set for a super-secret vampire movie at Burbank Studios in Hollywood, then recognized the set when he went to see The Lost Boys the following year (the set was the underground hotel), shortly after finishing Anne Rice’s first 2 vampire books. He was hooked.

For the remainder of the 80’s, Savage set about researching, reading and collecting everything he could find about vampires. He discovered an international network of fans (thanks in large part to Norine Dresser’s book “American Vampires“, which had an appendix that listed organizations and publications all over the world) and began contributing articles and artwork to a number of zines and periodicals, which he continued to do through the mid-90’s. In the early 90’s Savage began producing his own zine called NECROPOLIS, which focused on more progressive concepts of vampires and vampirism (most publications at that time took a decidedly traditional approach). He also got involved with the then-fledgling Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat Fan Club (ARVLFC) in New Orleans, going so far as to play Lestat Himself at Anne Rice’s home for a writer’s convention party.

Savage had a number of brushes with the Chicago vampire scene (which, in the late 80’s/early 90’s, was HUGE) during this time. He contributed artwork for a book by noted Chicago Vampirologist Martin V. Riccardo, regularly provided artwork for notorious Chicago vampire band The Dark Theater and its publication Screem in the Dark, and was a regular contributor for The Children of the Night Vampire Coven’s periodical. If you’re under 30, this will likely mean very little to you!

Today Savage runs a successful dark-themed visual design company called Sinister Visions inc. He has served as the webmaster for the ARVLFC and “Lost Souls” author Poppy Z. Brite, and regularly provides art & design services for Lady~A’s Vampire Social ClubEndless Night, Sabretooth Custom Fangs and Father Sebastiaan.

Chad Savage in Chicago Magazine, November 2009

Chad Savage in Chicago Magazine, November 2009

Lady~A's Vampire Social ClubAlex has been a rockin’ vampire goth chick since she was a teenager in the 80’s. She was a key member of the ARVLFC in the early 90’s, again in the late 00’s, and is currently an active member of the Endless Night Krewe.

For more information about Lady~A, visit her website at

You may have seen The Savages featured in a local Chicago publication around Halloween 2007. That article was written by a reporter who clearly had an agenda before she ever spoke to them, and managed to misquote them at almost every turn. For the record.

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